We want you to give a talk!

Have you been learning JavaScript and want to spend 5 or less minutes sharing something you learned? Did you find a library or discover a JS feature you'd like to share? Have an interesting method for learning or teaching JavaScript?


Want to talk about a talk?

Have an idea you'd like to hear someone give a talk about? Want to chat about your own talk you are preparing?

Come talk to us in our Slack channel

Want to do an extended talk?

We do accept extended talks but prefer presentors to have done a lightning talk before. If your unsure please email us to discuss your talk.

Preparing your talk

First, if you aren't sure what to share, here are a few ideas.

Second, you will be presenting on a 800x600px projector so make sure to tailor your slides to that dimension. Also, please note that we try to livestream every presentation so practice slow and clear speaking.


  • Use a large legible font
  • Use white slides with black text
  • Practice your talk at home and time it

Do not

  • Use more than a few slides. We recommend less than 10 slides.
  • Live code/demo for your first talk. It's really hard for a lightning talk.
  • Forget to practice

Request to speak

Our meetup is on the first Tuesday of every month. Which month(s) would you prefer to give your talk?

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