Game Dev Night v17.11

November 14, 2017

Game Dev Night runs every 2nd Tuesday of the month. We're here to talk shop about all Game Dev topics, especially those revolving around JS and HTML5 games. Normally we'll have a presentation or two, then you'll be able to collaborate and learn from each other.

We're open to everyone coming in, beginners, seniors, artists, and developers. Anyone looking to make, work, and play games.


Unfortunately we cannot help with parking. Horton Plaza is within two blocks and has one hour of parking for free, then charges $8 an hour.


Walk up the to entrance of the building that faces the Horton Plaza mall. You may have to knock on the glass doors to be let in. Once you're in the lobby, ask the front desk attendant to be let up to the 11th floor for the Origin Code Academy meetup.

Please respect our Code of Conduct 

We welcome people of all backgrounds and skill levels.  In keeping with the sandiego.js spirit, please be friendly, welcoming, and respectful.

Please be respectful of others and respect our code of conduct.

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