OSS & Flexible Fridays

October 14, 2016

We are currently searching for a steady location for this event as well as members interested in being steady volunteers.

Are you interested in learning about Open Source Software and how to become a part of a community of contributors? Do you want to learn a new language, hone your skills, and have fun hanging out?

Join us for a regular Friday event where we pow wow all day, work on OSS and projects of all kinds. This is not completely Elixir/Phoenix centric and will also feature languages like Elixir.

This is an "open house" style event so feel free to come and go at your leisure.


On our last episode we started a Phoenix API and an Ember.js application for the new SanDiego.js community website. 

Ember: github.com/sandiegojs/sandiegojs

Phoenix: github.com/sandiegojs/sandiegojs-api

We will continue to work through the issues for feature development on both. Pairing and Q & A type setup possible. Open format, open house.


There is no provided parking however there are several paid parking lots with plenty of space in the surrounding area. If memory serves they are around ~10 for the day. There is also 2 hour meters on the surrounding street ways.


We are leveraging the SanDiego.js Slack Room! You can get an invite here. Or, if you are already a member you can login here.

For this event we have created a special channel called `#sdjs-website`

There are existing issues on the github repos linked above - feel free to work on them or start a dialogue. Ask questions!

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